EMLA Executive Board Meeting or Online agreement and signing form

EB Meeting Minute
Date: 22 October 2022
Time Started: 10:00

EMLA Executive Board Meeting signing form

The virtual Meeting of EMLA Executive Board (EB) was held at 10:00AM, chaired by Dr Berhanu Seyoum,
(EMLA president) on the agenda of Opening new bank account at Awash Bank as requested by EMLA secretariat:

EB Members Excused/Absentees:

EB Members Excused/Absentees

Major Issues/Opinions/Suggestions raised for discussion

GK (ED): requested the new bank account opening as
required by new projects and as one of the OSCAR
requirements and seeking the online signature of the
executive board to be submitted to the Authority of Charities
and Societies Organizations.
Questions, clarifications and opinions raised during the

Resolutions/Decisions/Action Items/Recommendations

The EB accepted and approved of the opening of new
bank account at Awash Bank.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30PM.