Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association

Organization’s Background

The Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association (EMLA) is one of the oldest nationwide professional associations in Ethiopia, officially registered with the Ministry of Justice in 1964, and re-registered by
the Ethiopian Government Law of Charities and Society Proclamation No. 621.2009 to contribute to the improvement of national health programs in general and in the fields of laboratory medicine in

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About Association

Mission Statement

We are working for continuous improvement in the quality of laboratory education, practices, services, health outcomes and scientific researches to enhance.

Vision Statement

To see improved accessible, affordable and high standard healthcare provision through evidences generated by laboratory medicine in Ethiopia.

Our Core Values

Accountability: We are accountable to the general assembly, the licensing body and stakeholders. We maintain and promote high standards of practice in the delivery of quality health care
Ethics and Commitment: Our standards ensure high quality medical laboratory professionals who are valued throughout Ethiopia and in the world. We are proactive in meeting the needs of our members
and our community.


There was a project of compassionate and respectful care (CRC) project in collaboration with Ministry of Health (MoH) and consortium of seven healthcare professionals including the Ethiopian anesthesia
Association (EAA), the Ethiopia Medical Association (EMA), the Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA), the Ethiopian public Health Association (EPHA), the public health Officers Association of
Ethiopia (PHOA – E), the Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association (EMLA) and Ethiopian Nurses Association (ENA).

Our Board Members

board of directors (B of D) is the governing body of our association, elected by our members to set strategy and oversee management.

Prof. Aster Tsegaye
Prof. Aster Tsegaye


Dr. Desalegn Admassu

Vice President

Waqtola Cheneke


Wondimagegn Demsis


Dr. Adugna Negussie


Helen Asrat


Dawit Tesfaye


Gizachew Kedida

Executive Director