The association has gone through various ups and downs to reach the current status with a shared history of modern medical laboratory training and practice in Ethiopia dated back to the Italian invasion period. Since then the association had been making lurch efforts to safeguard the profession and professionals involved. This staggered the effort and development of the laboratory professionals in higher qualifications were the pivotal factors to be reformed from EMLTA to EMLTTA then to EMLA.

The General Assembly is the highest decision making body with the responsibility of providing an overall direction and policy framework. Executive board, who are elected by general assembly, will give guidance to the executive director and serve for four years. The office of the executive director is the responsible organ for operational management and leadership, and executes day to day activities of the association with regional chapter focal persons, different TWGs, the executive secretary and office assistant, and the accountant.

Since its establishment, the Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association have continued to evolve as voluntary professional associations that seek to take a leading role in advocating for and being instrumental in helping to shape the development of evidence-based, sensible and effective policies and strategies of the health laboratory system in the Ethiopia. EMLA is also aim to assist the progressive improvement of professional competencies and standards, with the strength that emanate from the knowledge and technical competence of their members and the spirit of commitment and voluntarism to contribute to their society's health.
The Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association (EMLA), since its establishment in 1964 has continued to grow with many challenges. Over the years, it has increased its membership from about 40 to over 5000 and widened its networking and partnerships while gaining increasing recognition in the sector within the country and internationally.
Now, EMLA has continued to forge ahead and contribute towards the realization of its vision and mission. It is with this background that we find this historical account of EMLA to be an important milestone to mark as a starting point when our association is preparing to leapfrog to the next level of national and international action for laboratory medicine. Through its 50 years history, EMLA's visibility and relevance grew not only at the national level but also in the continent and globally. Also, among others, EMLA played an important role in the establishment of the African Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (AFCC-LM), under the auspice and guidance of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in which EMLA is a full member of the federation since 2009.
While we are all proud with the achievements that EMLA has made so far, its history also reveals the challenges and unfinished business that remain to be addressed; making EMLA financially self- sufficient; strengthening the capacity of its members, creating an enabling environment for their active participation and generating evidence-based information to influence policy and practice in patient care.

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