This year’s conference approved several important items of business and future directions of the association. These include the launch Ethiopian Journal of Laboratory Medicine (EJLM), discussion on the first draft of health laboratory policy document among all other activity and audit reports during the event.

The scientific program had  covered a wide range of topics (49 research works) pertaining to Haematology, Medical Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Public Health Epidemiology, Clinical Chemistry/Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Health Laboratory Management and Quality Assurance, Mycobacteriology, Bacteriology, and Mycology.

Following, the opening ceremony by Dr Amha Kebede, (Director General, EPHI), there were sessions of panel discussion on four selected thematic areas:

  • National System Strengthening and Accreditation Support on Medical/Clinical  Laboratories, by Mr Gonfa Ayana, Regional Laboratory Capacity Building Directorate  Director, EPHI
  • National Medical/Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Practices, Challenges and lessons learned, by Mr Araya Fesseha, Director General ENAO
  • In-vitro Diagnostics and Medical Devices Regulatory Practices, Standards and the way forward, by Mrs Bezawork Berhane, IVD Registration Expert, FMHACA,
  • The Future of Laboratory Medicine, by Dr Gemeda Abebe, JU, President of EMLA

The second day of the conference was started with a state of the art lecture of Continuing Medical Education ona selected topic ofQuality Laboratory Management System with emphasis on ‘Quality Starts with Me’ in line withISO 15189 Particular Requirements to Medical/Clinical Laboratories by Dr Aparna Jha Ahuja, M.B.B.S. MD (Medical Biochemistry) PG Course (Hospital Management),   head of Medical Affairs in Becton Dickinson, EMA PAS, and Certified auditor with ISO 15189 (NABL). Aparna is also an international fellow of College of Pathology (CAP).  Following her presentation, the Development and Launching of Ethiopian Journal of Laboratory Medicine (EJLM) has been addressed by Mr Bineyam Taye (BSc, MPH, PhD Candidate, AAU).  Presentation on ‘Health Laboratory Policy’ development and process from its inception were also addressed by Dr Aster Tsegaye, (PhD, AAU).

The general assembly elected Dr Gemeda Abebe Ayana as President, Dr Belay Tessema and Mr Dawit Moges on vacant EB positions. The general assembly also endorsed the association’s 2013 activity report and audit report without reservation.

Again, it was a busy and another productive year for EMLA!

EMLA Conducted Laboratory Safety and Biosecurity Training

A Four Days training entitled ‘Laboratory Safety and Biosecurity’ has conducted from 15 – 18 July 2014at Dire International Hotel, Adama. The training was organized by EMLA in collaboration with EPHI. In this training 40 Trainees (medical laboratory professionals from all regions, including emerging regions; and federal hospitals, including national blood bank) were participated. The training was conducted based on the national need.

EMLA signed MOU with ASLM

27 August 2014


ASLM and EMLA agree to collaboratively address their shared strategy of strengthening healthcare outcomes in Africa, including activities related to laboratory medicine, diagnostics and systems, based on the following goals:

i.            Strengthening African laboratory workforce development to achieve Millennium Development Goals for health through targeted training programmes;

ii.           Improving regulatory harmonization for diagnostics within regions by conducting evaluations of new technology                to produce high quality data for national and regional regulatory review;

 iii.         Improving laboratory accreditation to transform the quality of diagnostic services through the expansion and                    implementation of the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa (WHO-AFRO) Stepwise Laboratory                    Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA) programme;

  iv.        Establishing a south-south fellowship programme to provide training opportunities, promote skills transfer and                  collaboration, and other educational opportunities for promising young laboratory scientists;

  v.        Establishing an international network of proficiency testing (PT) providers to support SLIPTA and other quality                  improvement and accreditation programmes; and,

  vi.       Fostering the establishment of a network of national public health reference laboratories by playing a key role in                 training, assuring quality and developing laboratory capacity throughout the healthcare system in their respective               regions.  Linking these laboratories in a regional network is critical for increasing research capacity, quality                         management systems, disease detection and surveillance, and sustainability of health programmes. We will also                 explore other future potential areas of partnership. 

EMLA Conducted Quality Laboratory Management System Training

A Five days training entitled ‘Quality Laboratory management System’ has conducted from 18 – 22 September 2014at EPHI/CDC training hall. The training was organized by The Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association (EMLA) in collaboration with the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI). In this training 30 Trainees (medical laboratory professionals, quality officers, and laboratory managers) working in different directorate laboratories of EPHI were participated. This training will help enhance the national laboratory accreditation initiatives at a referral level.

EMLA Conducted   consultative Workshop to Enrich

The First Version of Health Laboratory Policy Document

A Two day consultative workshop has conducted with the aim of enriching the first draft of ‘Health Laboratory Policy’ Document from 19 – 20, September 2014 at Embilta Hotel, Addis Ababa. In this consultative workshop 34 senior expertises from regional reference laboratories, Universities, regulatory agency, procurement agency, EPHI, CDC-E and federal hospitals were participated.

Gizachew Taddesse Akalu

Executive Director, EMLA

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